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"People matter is one of our most important values at Checkatrade - because our staff are the key to our success. So we wanted a Learning & Development solution partner who understood how we could develop our people - not just software. Peritus LEARN is the driving force behind our staff development and is used by all our employees - to help train and empower them."

Graham Carter, Learning & Development Business Partner


"Peritus have become our solus training partner, as their advice and guidance is always valued and impacts on our business. By using LEARN we are able to develop our people on areas of critical importance such as compliance and soft skills, with minimal disruption to the teams’ existing workloads. We would certainly recommend working with Peritus, they are not just an online learning provider."

Ian Pugh, Managing Director



Our expert led courses, resources and tools in conjunction with our easy-to-use white-labelled online learning platform will help your people build the skills they need, when they need them. Here are some of useful areas the online learning platform will support you with to make life easier in providing your online learning:


Building learning plans for specific disciplines, or blended pathways of support ensures people have a good mix of learning activities to keep them engaged and learning the things you need them to learn or improve.


Increase and drive knowledge retention by using leaderboards and contests to keep users engaged and excited about their learning. The more engaged and knowledgeable your people are, the better they will perform and achieve results!


Easily set rules to different user groups and branches, ensuring learners have a personalised learning experience, reducing the need for human intervention and increasing the accuracy of your data when reporting. Let the platform do all of the heavy administration lifting, whilst you focus on higher value activity in your organisation.


Having access to a ‘live’ ongoing dashboard allows your organisation to constantly keep track of usage and engagement 24/7, ensuring learners are completing their training and learning on time and most importantly developing how you need them to!


Develop your own courses, a blended programme, or build your resources around our courses it is entirely up to you. Peritus will work with you to review how you currently deliver training and learning to help you assess how you can you save time and cost by shifting part or entire programmes online.


Create a social community through the system allowing learners to share best practice and ideas. This improves communication across the business and encourages people to work collaboratively at no extra cost.


Reinforce your brand through the customisation of your platform ensuring the look and feel is familiar to what people are used to, which helps drive engagement through your platform and increase the amount of people learning and improving their performance!

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LEARN is developed by a team of UK learning professionals, putting your learning and development goals at the heart of everything we do.

We believe in delivering a high-quality learning experience for all users, where learning is not limited, and you receive a personalised approach to meet your learning and development needs.

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